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Grain Sack Fabric - Our Exclusive 63" Black on Beige Multi-Stripe


Bring instant Farmhouse charm to your home with our very own exclusive woven reproduction grain sack fabric made to look like authentic vintage grain sack textiles from France with natural slubbing, imperfections, and a used worn appeal.

This fabric has an extra-wide width of 63".

This is available in 4 different colors.

This is a woven fabric and is easy to care for and wash (the stripes are woven in and NOT printed).  It can be used for home fashions, such as upholstery, drapery and/or curtains, bedding, and tabletop (placemats, runners, napkins, tablecloths), as well as, crafts and apparel, such as ribbons and aprons. 

Stripes run up the bolt

Fabric Weight: Heavy Weight approx. 1.2 lb. per yard
Contents: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester 
Width: 63"
Maximum Continuous Length: 12 yards
Washing Instructions:  Wash in cold water, dry normal cycle.  Allow for 10% shrinkage.  If you would like to prevent any shrinkage, then you can dry clean.  This fabric washes very well and has an even softer hand once washed.

Additional Considerations: As with all fabric, dye lots can vary.  Please consider your project carefully and be sure to order enough fabric to complete.  This fabric goes through a bleaching process to achieve a natural worn appearance which can leave a slight bleached odor.  This odor dissipates over a short period of time or with the initial washing.  There are slubs and other imperfections that are purposely manufactured into the fabric to mimic a vintage grain sack appearance.  


To order fractional yardage in addition to whole yardage, simply select how many whole yards you want and add that amount to your cart, and then select what fraction of a yard you want and add that to your cart.  We will cut your order as one piece.  EXAMPLE:  If you want 2 1/2 yards, select 2 yard(s) and add to your cart, then select 1/2 yard and add to your cart.  We will cut your piece as 2 1/2 yards.

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