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Gray and Natural Off-White Plaid 3" Double Layer Fabric Ribbon


Our plaid gray and natural off-white ribbon is perfect for farmhouse wreaths, tree garlands, sewing projects, crafts, and more.  This is not only a double-sided ribbon, but a double LAYER ribbon, well made with two layers of fabric carefully stitched together.  You will feel the quality.  FREE shipping on all our ribbons! 

Available Colors: Gray & Natural Off-White Plaid
Length: Sold in 5-yard increments
Maximum Continuous Length: 10 yards
Ribbon Width: 3 Inches
Length Discount Sales Price
5 yds $19
10 yds 10% $34
15 yds 10% $50
20 yds 15% $64
25 yds 17% $77
30 yds 19% $91


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